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Enjoying Sea with Axesea


Pentashell™ REDEFINE

Pentashell™ REDEFINE is the exclusive microcell neoprene material we use to create our eco-friendly wetsuits. Lab tests show our microcell neoprene is more effective at maintaining warmth and resisting water absorption through extended use.

Pentashell™ THERMAL

Pentashell™ THERMAL bridges the gap between the rash guard and wetsuit. It enables the creation of our unique surf suits for moderately cold conditions. 

Pentashell™ BREEZER II

Pentashell™ BREEZER II is our second-generation fabric technology from 5 years of research and development. It decodes your watersports challenges and caters to your essential needs.

Pentashell™ RAINBOW

Pentashell™ RAINBOW makes our artist collections possible. Vibrant colors and pinpoint perfect prints allow us to replicate intricate design details on the fabric.