Pentashell™ THERMAL

Pentashell™ THERMAL bridges the gap between the rash guard and wetsuit. It enables the creation of our unique surf suits for moderately cold conditions. 

Pentashell™ THERMAL is the newest member of the Pentashell™ family. Warm like a thin wetsuit and flexible like a rash guard, this
unique double-layered fabric offers a new option for water activities in moderately cold temperatures.

Use our surf suits alone, or wear it as a base layer under a wetsuit for enhanced heat retention in colder temperatures.

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Comfortable and flexible

Four-way fabric stretch, soft to the touch.

Lightweight and warm

Unique double-layered weaving offers effective temperature isolation while measuring just 1mm thin.

Neoprene & adhesive free

Made eco-friendly, entirely free of neoprene and adhesive. 


Use it alone or wear it as a base layer under a wetsuit. 

Vivid color

Excellent color quality and presentation.