Pentashell™ REDEFINE

Pentashell™ REDEFINE is the exclusive microcell neoprene material we use to create our eco-friendly wetsuits. Lab tests show our microcell neoprene is
more effective at maintaining warmth and resisting water absorption through extended use.
Compared to traditional neoprene with larger cells, microcells are more structurally durable and less likely to pop. When large cells pop in a wetsuit, it may cause significant areas of damage that can result in partial
hardening and loss of protection. Closed microcells help improve the life span of a wetsuit.

AXESEA created our exclusive Pentashell™ REDEFINE materials with the environment in mind.
The low specific gravity foam of our neoprene provides increased material strength and cell memory.
It allows us to use less neoprene in the production of our quality wetsuits, reducing the environmental
impact of our manufacturing process. We opt to use eco-friendly water-based adhesives in the neoprene lamination
process, instead of cheaper solvent-based glues so common in the industry. Completely solvent-free, our adhesives
prevent the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.