Pentashell™ RAINBOW


Pentashell™ RAINBOW provides a vivid color palette to create sophisticated, one of a kind rash guards. This incredible
fabric takes on our eco-friendly dye through a unique process that creates incredible contrast and stunning color saturation. 

Pentashell™ RAINBOW makes our artist collections possible. Vibrant colors and pinpoint perfect prints
allow us to replicate intricate design details on the fabric. 

Pentashell™ RAINBOW is silky smooth. Many customers feel compelled to rub
the material over and over again in disbelief of its smooth softness.


Vivid color

The definition is 1.5 times higher than average fabric printing. Colors penetrate beyond the surface
perfectly into fabric center, without staining the skin side of the fabric.

Silky smooth

 Amazingly silky, soft, and smooth material.


 Lab tests reveal the fabric can withstand 1.2 million stretches without deformation or loss of color.


 A smart blend fabric with excellent antistatic properties.


Unique hand-painted artistic patterns to liven up your surf style.